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Secure your rates with ForexLock

What are Guaranteed Rates?

Guaranteed Rates is a simple solution that removes unwanted surprises when dealing with Foreign Exchange. For a small upfront premium payment, we can guarantee your exchange rate for up to 2 years! Now you will have limited downside risk, with unlimited upside potential. Planning your FX transactions has never been easier!

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Let us know your base currency, notional currency and amount, and duration to Guarantee Rates.

Pay a small premium

Pay only 1% of your capital to lock in your Guaranteed Rate.

Guaranteed Rate

Enjoy unlimited upside with protected downside risk. At any point you want to exercise your contract, we will pay the differential.

We handle multiple currencies, including emerging Asian currencies

Secure your rates with ForexLock

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Guaranteed Rates

Why Us?

We are the first company capable of offering a Guaranteed FX rate regardless of transaction size. Even for transactions as low as SGD$30!

Our Technology

We use predictive crowdsourced data from over 500,000 global investors

Our predictive crowdsourced data creates a market sentiment engine. We combine this market sentiment engine with our patent-pending hedging algorithms to develop a robust system capable of handling multiple currencies at any transaction volume.

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Email : info@digitaltreasury.fund

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Take out unwanted surprises from currency fluctuations today.



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This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

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